ZeroDays CTF 2018

ZeroDays CTF is one of the best-known competitions in Ireland, as well as one of the largest in-person capture the flag events in the world. 

This CTF was based around Game of Thrones a popular TV show at the time of the event. All challenges were based around the tv show and had challenges that included Physical, Forensics, Exploitation, and more types of challenges.

One of my favorite challenges from this CTF wasn’t really part of the CTF, while sitting and enjoying the challenges myself and my Team realized we could broadcast whatever we wanted to the TV screen behind us, I won’t go into details but it was some of the funniest moments.

This year was also the first year the competition went international with teams joining from multiple countries including, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, and Lictehstine it made the pre-party and after-party an amazing event with friends from all over the world.