Finding @PyroGuy_UK

 How I found “Ben” @PyroGuy_UK

So OSINT “Open Source Intelligence” has become such party favor, it has gotten to the point now that I am requested on the regular to do these kinds of challenges and it usually looks like this image where you see a photo followed by @TheCyberViking Find Me
And most of the time when I have the time to do the challenges it tends to get a reply close to this with as quick as time as I can, in this case it was 15 minutes after the original post
So here is the original image for the challenge, nothing special that you can see that gives away the information such as where is the person located.

first of all, we take out that key landmarks in the image, these are the pieces of data that can be used to find the location, these are a mix of identifiable bits of data, signs, or odd-shaped buildings.

In this case, we can see a church tower and a bright blue sign

So there is always some sort of given data in this case Ben has it on his profile “BsidesNCl Elder”, bsides tends to be a pretty local event so it would be a solid indication of where they are.
Checking their page gives it away pretty fast where it event is located, here we can see its Newcastle in the United Kingdom

so now we look for the landmarks in the location, in this case, it was the clock tower. so a simple Query through google will give you everything you need in this case its “clock towers Newcastle” which straight away we could see one that is very close in look to the one that was there.

once we have the location and find our marker we then mark them on the map to start the triangulation

The triangulation works in such a way, you take the viewing angle of the landmark and draw a line to the end of the area to do this for all landmarks.

You would get something that looks like this, in this case, there were no locations that matched the original image

In the opposite directions, we can see the lines cross on a building in a location that the buildings are the same color, this angle was tighter you can see the flat of the blue marker and the church clock at a slight angle
Checking this at a different angle you can see the angle of the church and the blue marker.
Now that we have a building we just need to match up the rest of the markers, the type of roof, the metal railing around the top of the roof
To get the hight and window, we compare the info we have at the angles we have, such as the roof angle, the closest objects like the window ledge and the chimney, and boom we have Ben, we know where Ben was when the photo was taken, to the point of the window we have and the floor it was on.