Why Facebook is Good OPSEC

How having FaceBook can improve your OPSEC

July 2019

Sooo straight off this blog post is gonna get called out by people straight away, but read through and see if you feel the same after. I have a facebook, and I find it as necessary "evil" in my daily life.

so while making lunch today, I had the radio on and listened to a so-called CyberSecurity "Expert" saying "Oh, I'm surprised you haven't deleted your facebook already, their spying on you" and instantly taught about things, along the lines of ok what do you recommend to use. so I text the radio show and I was called to ask my question so I asked for the security experts "what should I use instead to keep in touch with my friends all over the world, who don't use platforms like discord, Twitter or Instagram". The reply I got was kinda shocking, the "Expert" recommend VK the Russian version of Facebook because quote "they don't spy on you", but when I said anything about FindFace (a facial recognition project that uses images off of VK and runs facial comparison with neural networks to locate people in images) I was instantly cut off by the "Expert" and told I was being argumentative and a waste of radio time, ouch could have just said you didn't know.

so after this call, I taught to myself the comparisons and I was thinking and iv come up with the following reason why I have a facebook profile and I am happy to continue to have a facebook.
1 - International connections,

I have friends all over the world, I have met in some of my crazy adventures across America and Europe, even friends who aren't into PERSEC "personel security", I grew up with and who have immigrated to far corners of the globe, for me this is an invaluable  connection to those people I would not be unable to have otherwise.
2 - Intelligence

So this is part of a weird side of things, doing all source intelligence-based research, requires having access to multiple online tools and resources that aren't mainly for intelligence, but require a verified facebook or google account to log in with, in these cases id rather my facebook then google.

ok yes for this kind of uses you have a backup fake built profile, I agree 100% but having this generates data based on the location you access from and your activities which has been shown that even the rate at which you type, how you type, and grammar can be used to identify a person over multiple profiles, so your info is still get stored somewhere, which can also be dangerous for on your fake profiles cause could be linked to your open posts on twitter or facebook profile. It is talking more soon about the proper building of a profile or a "Legend" as its sometimes referred to develop and build a full identity for intelligence use.
3 - A DeadMan Switch

so as someone who does tons with tracking of missing people, Facebook has become an invaluable asset in getting a look into their lives such as there likes, hobbies, friends, locations they may be interested in, even there mental state based on there typing, patterns and grammar, This is invaluable as both a time container of that person and also to generate possible leads.

This in the past has lead myself and other investigators in locating people who are in trouble, suicidal or gone missing. Having this information has allowed us to both save lives and help closure for families of lost individuals. So in this instance YES please keep using Facebook, share your life cause one day, I hope I don't need to use the info you shared to help find you.
4 - Shadow Profile

Finally the real reason for this blog post, so you don't have a profile on Facebook, well in fact if you have ever left took a breath of Air at any point you do without you evening knowing it. This is called shadow profiles, it isn't a page that can be seen on the main system, what it is, is a collection of data multiple databases about you without realizing you are even there. How is this done, well just like this Notice Alan in the Green in the Background
Alan my friend, for example, was caught in the background of this photo when a selfie was taken, he was not tagged in this photo. but instead a facial recognition was taken and his facial details were stored in a data file under unknown face #######, then it was discussed that someone called Alan who isn't in any of the people talking friendslists or their friend's friendslist about how "he" was on "his" "phone" all "night" at "Wetherspoons" what facebooks algorithm does is store this bit of data with what's known as a shadow profile with data such as Alan is a Male who has a phone and was in this location at this time of night. now that's from two people talking, think how many people and cameras you walk by daily, all this data is getting stored in this shadow profiles, as what I would call second-hand intelligence, information that could be damaging without context. although there are no reports of these shadow profiles that are talked about being used to track or be used against someone, but why leave that to possibility. I would rather be able to give context and in a sense be able to write my own intelligence profile with the proper intelligence that's not out of context. 

to explain this being out of context what is mean is like this for example:

Jenny "Ben is crazy about his guns"
Jessica "Yea Ben has tons of guns at his place"
Jenny "Yea he was carrying his guns to the car this morning"

ok in many systems this would be marked with flags with no context such as the keywords of Name, Crazy, Firearms, and Travel that information could be used in a way against Ben, now if Ben had a profile on the platform and had it clearly stated that Ben is an Olympic Shooter that would give context to the use of firearms. probably a bad description there but it's an example I can think of right now.

But for me, I would much rather have a profile on Facebook with what I want them to know, and not just out of Context conversations for a person without a profile called CyberViking in a random conversation.