Facebook Spam DoS

Brining Down Facebook Messenger with Targeted Spam

Oct 2018

Some may look at the Tittle and think ohhhh they found a way to do a DoS by some new fancy spearphishing attack... well you would be 100% amazing and spectacularly... wrong. we found a way to crash both the facebook messenger desktop app on windows and the android messenger app and here's how we did it... yes you are allowed to lol
3D illustration of multiple malicious servers in red attacking one server in blue denial of service concept
So one day while sitting in the college area common area being the dysfunctional rejects that we are, we were talking about denial of services and buffer overflows, because nerds right, every other college student is there talking about parties and drinking and our small group is sitting there laughing at the workings of EternalBlue and how skids are still using LOIC. One between chugs of Monster someone spews out I wonder how big the memory buffer is for facebook messenger and how much would it take to crash it.
Without hesitation, we all opened the facebook app and chose a target which happened to be @AlanTheBlank, and in a form of targeted harassment and screams of why me. I and two others started our onslaught of spamming pictures of random stuff at Alan, to no avail he was still able to message back that we failed. Until I found a large picture of a Can of Spam
What Came from this attack in the form of cans of spam being thrown at Alan was a facebook mobile application and web browser, crashing followed by a group of nerds laughing hysterically.

I have a screenshot of the Page crashing, I cant find it at this moment, but will look for it, and when I find it il add it on.