Higher Status Hacking Part 1

"Using Social Engineering In Everyday Life"

June 2020

Engineering yourself to an awesome life style with social engineering, confidence and Social Media tricks "Pre-COVID"

So this is going to end up as a Series because I realized as I was writing this first post it was longer than expected. So these are going to be some tips on being a from my times of what I now know as Social Engineering in one form.

I have always been blessed with the ability to be Confident, Dominate, and likable in any situation or in layman's terms, good at leadership. So alot of the methods of this series were done not be hours of research in books and videos but just by being me and enjoying the ride.

To start off this serries we will start with one of the funiest topics Getting Into The Bar

Getting into the Bar

This is easier than you think, and something everyone wants to know, this is a regular trick I used to do alot in Dublin before COVID, and alot of the time it gets me in, and this is no excuse or approval from me to go start doxing security professionals. So a little recon is needed for this, 99% of the time a Club will have social media such as Facebook, and there is one thing always posted on social media... PHOTOS

So check the club's Facebook for photos, 99.99999% of the time you'll see the bouncers or door staff in the background of photos, and even better alot of them will have their own Facebook pages. So with a little searching and image comparison of the locations like page, High chance you will find the security guys profile on Facebook, and if you know Facebook as an Intelligence treasure trove you can learn alot about people's likes and habits.

Depending on the location this what you need,
The security guards first names or nicknames
A random fact of the security guards such as likes
A $20 note folded and palmed

One example of this was a night club in New Jersey I used to frequent alot called Bamboo down on the shore. Awesome night club during the summer always packed with beautiful women, muscle-bound, tanned wannabees, It was free in so usually followed by a HUGE line and wait time to get in. So in this example, my favorite bouncer was a dude called Micheal or on Facebook Mikey to his friends, a near 7 foot Giant of an Italian man whos only reason he was on the doors was that he got injured 2 days before trying out as a lineman for the Jets and was looking for a new career path.

So the pre-game no pun intended there was to figure out the security team, it took a total of 50 minutes and what was produced was a doc on the phone from the information found using the method described above, with a profile photo, Nickname, Name and a Hobby for the conversation of each of the security team.

So next came the game, myself and my partner in crime for the night got to the club at 10, Que was around the corner as always and there he was Mikey on the door checking ID's, A quick check of the doc and that was it Knew exactly what to say. I walked across the road straight to the front of the Que with the Biggest smile on my face as if I was looking at my oldest childhood friend I hadn't seen in years and just said the following as if I owned the place, "Heeeey Mikey, been a minute bro, *handshake with $20 palmed* heard about the tryouts, hard one man. I'm sure we will get you in next year". The smile he gave followed by an "Unless the Giants give a better offer, *chuckling* Get in There".

Of course, everyone in the line seen me and thought I was someone famous or important, so myself and my friend had people flocking to us all night just to talk see who we were, I think the fact "you speak American funny" like a girl from Georgia told me was probably also a factor.

But now any time I went back, I'd hop the Que with a tenner in my hand and every other bouncer who recognized me never questioned, just assumed I was good because it seemed that Mikey knew me. This had multiple benefits while at the location, not just for getting in and out but anytime there were issues and the bouncers walked through and would say Hi people would always wonder why everyone knew you around so well, from there you can go with the good ole chat up line of oh I own the place haha.

TLDR What did I take away from this:
Confidence is the key to any situation and getting what you want or need in life