A little about me

Spent Years Working with Computers, before deciding to get into security as a career, but always doing hacking as a hobby. 

I went back to college part time after some time in the US, spent the first two years working part time as well as studying part time. I worked for a large company doing Red Teaming as a service, where I designed multiple attack vectors and proof of concepts  all while doing some amazing security research for the company.

while working for that company I was doing part time intelligence work, working with groups such as TraceLabs and other groups such as the Backslash Intelligence Group, which involved locating missing people, suicide prevention, fugitive recovery and counter-terrorism work, More about these events can be read in my blogs as soon as I put them up

I am currently Staff of TheManyHatsClub and you can potential get me on voice chat in there.

So Why all the secrecy well, because what I do both as a Researcher and in Intelligence, I do not want to allow my friends or family to become targets of individuals that maybe upset over my work. Only a certain few know my real identity and I like to keep it that way.

to add I am 100% above board, I am not a blackhat and I do not do Blackhat things, I report my findings to the proper authorities as required, my research is all above board and following the set guidelines and rules of each location.

So why the blog?
well because its the trend nah, iv got some crazy stories I always like to share over a pint and those I cant have a pint with at least I have here to share the stories with.


Its Me